Rencontres en Finlande

Meetings in Finland

First Meeting in Finland – 19 au 23 Août 2014 / Second Meeting in Finland – 4 au 8 février 2015

 First Meeting in Finland – 19 au 23 Août 2014

The group visited the city of Jyväskylä, it´s nature and lakes, the schools of Oravasaari and Ylämäki (in Jyväskylä and Petäjävesi) and got familiar with Finnish math teaching.

We also paid a visit to the University of Jyväskylä, Niilo Mäki Institute, the school of Vaajakoski, the multicultural center of Jyväskylä called Gloria, the village of Ylä-Kintaus in Petäjävesi, (and baked some Karelian pies (with a certain amount of wrinkles ;)) and visited the Petäjävesi old church protected by Unesco.

Tuesday 19.8.

Arrival to Finland. Taxi bus will pick up French and Catalan team from Helsinki. Tarmo will pick up Belgian team from Jyväskylä airport.

Dinner with Belgian team.

Wednesday 20.8.

Visit to Jyväskylä university: The Museum of Education and the Faculty of Education

Presentation and analysis of the inquiries Pisa of Finland by Jouni Vettenranta (senior researcher in Finnish Institute for Educational Research) and got the introduction about the Finnish Pisa results and the background of Finlands great sucsess in the test (PISA = Programme for Intenatioal Student Assessment).


Presentation about the Finnish career educaton by Raimo Vuorinen: how to work with the future career opportunities with the students at every level in school. (Comparative Assessment of Educational Outcomes, Cultures and Systems (COMPASS)).

Lunch in university restaurant.

Visit to Niilo Mäki institute (Ekapeli).

Les partenaires rencontre en France

Visiting Matara and Gloria (multicultural center).


Free time.


Thursday 21.8.

Visit to Oravasaari School (Tarmo).


Visit to Vaajakumpu School .


Visiting Tura’s ranch, Typical Finnish dinner. .

Friday 22.8.

Visiting Petäjävesi Old Church.

Visiting Ylämäen koulu .


Meeting local people in Ylä-Kintaus village near Ylämäki School.

Arriving to Paco’s y Pepe’s grill place.

Fiesta de Finlandia.

Saturday 23.8.

Free time in Jyväskylä. Walking in the city and in the harbour.

Last Meeting in Jyväskylä.


Team Catalan leave Jyväskylä?

Evening program in one of Jyväskylä’s parks (Lounaispuisto)


Sunday 24.8.

Team France leaves Jyväskylä in the morning.

Team Belgium leaves Jyväskylä.

 Second Meeting in Finland – 4 au 8 février 2015

Wednesday 4.2.2015

Arriving to Jyväskylä

Free time (skating, sauna etc) for early arrivals

→ one afternoon activity: ice skating on the lake of Jyväsjärvi / museum / swimming

Late dinner (reservation) Bar Soppa or Pub Jalo

Thursday 5.2.2015


Visiting the schools of Ylämäki / Oravasaari .

Oravasaari (splitting into two groups, 7 to each group; another group to Ylämäki another to Oravasaari)

Obsevating learning and teaching in classrooms. Participating in teaching.

Lunch at schools

Visiting kindergardens at 12-15 (Oravasaari: Arkkiparkki / Janakka. Ylämäki: Petäjäkallio) Runebergs cake

Back to Jyväskylä.

Free time

Comenius meeting & Dinner (Tura / Jääskelä ranch)

Friday 6.2.2015

Visiting the university of Jyväskylä: Ilona Markkanen told as about international TIMMS results and Matti Pennanen about mentoring new teachers into schools (VERME-program).

Lunch at the university around

Bus to Helsinki at 12.15.

Introduction to Finnish mathematic tests (individual and national tests). Telling some points of the history of Estonia.

Ship to Tallinn (Estonia)

Comenius meeting at the ship


Free time 😉

Saturday 7.2.2015

Breakfast at the ship / Tallinn

Visiting Old Town of Tallinn.

12.30 Back to the ship

Comenius meeting

Arriving to Helsinki

one night in Helsinki / Jyväskylä

Sunday 8.2.2015

Travelling day

Les partenaires rencontre en France

Playlist in Finland 2014-2015