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I learned a nice mathematical game in France which I also brought to Finland. The kids were excited (finally something different!). You can use the number cards in many different ways.

  • Throw two dies.
  • You can add the numbers, subtract them, multiply or divide them, the point is to get answers shown on the cards.
  • Each time you have to turn that card away, which number you just got. The point is to try to get all the cards turned.
  • If you don´t come up with any more calculations, your turn is over.
  • Count all the cards that were left on the table. Those are your points. The player, who has less points after three rounds (for example) is a winner.


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  • practising numbers from 1–20 (preschool pupils)


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  •         put 100 different things together. How could you line them so that counting would be easy?


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  •         We visited the old church of Petäjävesi in May with mathematical viewpoints. The point was to notice, how mathematics isn´t only something happening in the classroom but everywhere around us.