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Free time in Jyväskylä and Last meeting

février 24, 2015 in Convivialité, Finlande, Réunions, Vidéos

Free time

Visiting local candy factory (Panda) and PuttiPaja-shop.

The Last Meeting

Last meeting by the lake of Jyväskylä (Jyväsjärvi). One boat is renovated to work as a restaurant, so that was an excellent place for use to gather around!

Visite de la ferme de Tura – Visiting Tura’s ranch

février 24, 2015 in Finlande, Vidéos, visites

Réunion de travail à la ferme de Tura – Meeting on the ranch of Tura

The farm was built in 1850´s and the farmer seen in video is already the third generation´s farmer on that ranch. Nowadays the ranch is used mainly for visitors, travellers and different kind of events. They have also some horses and they are still taking care of the fields. Before dinner we had Comenius meeting about the half way rapport and we discussed the rest of the project.


Repas à la ferme auberge – Traditional Finnish dinner made by the hostesses

After the meeting we had wonderfull traditionall Finnish dinner and enjoyed some art improvised by our group.

Soirée Finlandaise – Finnish evening

février 24, 2015 in Convivialité, Finlande, Vidéos

Au bord du Lac – By the lake

Visiting the lake and camping area (Akonniemen leirikeskus). For the last meetings and last evening´s fiesta Comenius group went to visit Akonniemen leirikeskus. Foreign guests had an opportunity to go to sauna, swim in the lake and eat typical Finnish dinner there. After that it was time for something very Finnish: visiting a Finnish pallet called Kuikan lava.

Our group was brave enough to sing some karaoke as well – not to forget Patricks bachelor party!


février 24, 2015 in Convivialité, Finlande, Vidéos

Meeting local people in Ylä-Kintaus village.

Rencontre avec le parents d’élèves de l’école de Ylämäki – Reunion arrenged by the village people of Ylä-Kintaus and parents of Ylämäki school.


Comenius teachers learned their way to bake traditional Finnish pastries, Karelian pastries, made of rye flour and rise porridge. The hitch to get a really, really nice pastry is to get certain amount of wrinkles on it´s sides as our teachers well learned… 😉

After baking we had some singing and dancing accompanied with accordion. We also visited a local metal artist and musician Jukka Ohra-aho.

Visite de l’église de Petäjävesi – Visiting Petäjävesi Old Church

février 24, 2015 in Finlande, visites

La vieille église en bois de Petäjävesi est une église luthérienne finlandaise inscrite sur la liste du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO depuis 1994. Située sur la commune de Petäjävesi (centre-ouest de la Finlande), l’église se trouve à 31 kilomètres à l’ouest de Jyväskylä.

Petäjävesi old church is probably the best known attraction in Petäjävesi (30 km from Jyväskylä) with 14 000 visitors per year. The old traditionall Finnish church was protected by UNESCO world heritage in 1994. It´s actually the only church from Finland gotten to that list.

The church was built in 1760´s so it´s now more than 250 years old. It´s still in use (especially in summer time) and it´s very popular place to keep classical concerts or original weddings.